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Baby Gender Predictor Quiz

baby gender predictor quiz

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1951 Predictor Group 4009 Side Chair and 4003 Coffee Table manufactured by O'Hearn

1951 Predictor Group 4009 Side Chair and 4003 Coffee Table manufactured by O'Hearn

The runaway succes of the Planner Group furniture far over shadowed McCobb's attempts at other furniture lines until the introduction of the Predictor Group in late 1951. Predictor reprised the Shaker Influences of the Planner Group, this time in Hard Maple rather than Birch. This new more expensive group was a "hit" and was available through furniture retailers as well as being shown in the Directional showrooms. Predictor

Team Predictor rider warming up before the Prologue

Team Predictor rider warming up before the Prologue

Predictor Team rider warming up before the Prologue.

baby gender predictor quiz

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