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Elegance Round Baby Bassinet

elegance round baby bassinet

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elegance round baby bassinet - Badger Basket

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet, White with Sage Toile

Badger Basket Elegance Round Baby Bassinet, White with Sage Toile

The Elegance Bassinet is the most charming and unique place for your newborn to sleep. Functional and stylish, the generously sized interior measures 32" in diameter and 8.5" deep. A graceful canopy shades the interior, and a storage shelf beneath the bassinet keeps supplies close at hand.
Bassinet comes with a full bedding set, including a lovely pleated skirt, soft padded bumper, fitted sheet, height-adjustable drape canopy and custom-fitted vinyl mattress pad. All bedding is machine washable poly/cotton. Bumper attaches with grip tape and ribbon ties.
Bassinet is designed for babies up to 20 pounds, or until your baby can push up on her own. It's made with wood and wood composites, has caster wheels, and is coated with white non-toxic finish. Overall unit measures 32"L x 32"W x 49"H; 31" from the rim to the floor. Some assembly required. Assemble bassinet in the room you intend to use it unless your doorways are wider than 33".

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elegance round baby bassinet

elegance round baby bassinet

Badger Basket White Elegance Round Baby Bassinet with White Waffle and Pink Bedding

White Elegance Round Baby Bassinet with White Waffle and Pink Bedding The Elegance Bassinet is the most charming and unique place for your newborn to sleep White with Pink Trim bedding set includes a lovely skirt, soft bumper, fitted sheet, and drape canopy Generously sized interior measures 32''Dia. x 8.5''D Also includes a custom fitted, vinyl covered foam mattress pad (in order to comply with current safety standards, the mattress is approximately 1'' thick) Graceful canopy shades the interior to keep out harsh light while Baby is snoozing Canopy is height adjustable Bassinet also includes caster wheels Bumper attaches with grip tape and ribbon ties and is padded with polyester fill Storage shelf beneath the bassinet Bedding set is poly/cotton and machine washable Bassinet is for use up to 20 lbs. (9.09 kg), 3-4 months, or until Baby can push up, roll over, or sit unassisted (whichever age, weight, or activity limit comes first) Assembles with a screwdriver Please assemble this bassinet in the room where you intend to use it unless your doorways are wider than 32'' Additional Bassinet Colors & Optional Sheets available

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